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Watch this weatherman dramatically brace himself for Florence

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As Hurricane Florence continues to wreak havoc at the Carolinas, weather people and storm chasers are heading as shut as they may be able to to the attention of the hurricane with out placing themselves in peril.

One such meteorologist was once stuck on digital camera bracing for the hurricane … a little bit too intensely.

In the video shared by way of Twitter person @gourdnibler, two males may also be noticed strolling at a at ease and comfortable tempo at the back of Mike Seidel from the Weather Channel combating what one can handiest suppose are ferocious winds.

Others additionally have been ready to snag the instant from TV.

It’s unclear if the weatherman has the density of a cream cracker or is faking the wind’s severity for compelling hurricane photos. Regardless, this man most definitely wishes to chill it along with his Hurricane protection. 

UPDATE: Sept. 14, 2018, 3:36 p.m. PDT The Weather Channel issued the next statement to BuzzFeed: “It’s important to note that the two individuals in the background are walking on concrete, and Mike Seidel is trying to maintain his footing on wet grass, after reporting on-air until 1:00 a.m. ET this morning and is undoubtedly exhausted.” 

While the wind from Florence will indisputably purpose some destruction, the true danger is from rainfall, so this man laying it on thick makes this complete factor a little bit further ridiculous. 

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