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Little Baby Bum has billions of views on YouTube — and just sold for millions

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Did you recognize {that a} close to hour-long assortment of youngsters’s nursery rhymes set to 3-D animation is the 20th hottest YouTube video ever?

The video, with over 2 billion views and counting on the website online, was once created by way of the YouTube channel Little Baby Bum

And the husband-and-wife duo at the back of the preferred channel just sold Little Baby Bum, most likely for millions of bucks.

The actual sale price is confidential, however a social media advertising and marketing company told Bloomberg that the London couple most likely made between £6 million to £8.five million ($7.Eight million to $11.1 million).

Little Baby Bum’s movies are so in style, that this channel, consisting of day by day uploaded video compilations of nursery rhymes and kids songs, is the 9th most watched YouTube channel total. The channel has over 16 million subscribers and 17.five billion views.

The Little Baby Bum channel was once created again in 2011 by way of Derek and Cannis Holder. Fast ahead seven years to 2018 and Little Baby Bum is paying off giant time.

The channel was once bought by way of Moonbug, an organization began by way of a bunch of execs within the leisure business with resumes that come with Walt Disney and kids TV presentations like Yo Gabba Gabba! and the Teletubbies. 

As Bloomberg issues out in its document, Rene Rechtman, one of the business vets who began Moonbug, in the past oversaw the purchase of every other YouTube belongings. Rechtman was once concerned within the sale of YouTube community Maker Studios to Disney again in 2015 for loads of millions of bucks.

Little Baby Bum isn’t an outlier on the subject of youngsters’s content material on YouTube. Even with its stumbles associated with inappropriate content, YouTube is finding itself with a rising target audience of babies. Kids love YouTube. In flip, content material created in particular for youngsters is blowing up on the platform.

YouTube channels you’ve by no means heard of — until you may have kids ceaselessly enjoying the movies uploaded to those channels on a relentless loop that haunts you even for your sleep — are doing gangbusters. 

Channels like ChuChu TV, which uploads kids songs and nursery rhyme content material like Little Baby Bum, and FunToys Collector, which has movies of a couple of arms coming from offscreen to unbox and check out quite a lot of kids toys, also are some of YouTube’s most-watched. ChuChu TV recently has about 19.7 million subscribers and 15 billion views. FunToys Collector isn’t too some distance at the back of with kind of 10.7 million subscribers and 14 billion views.

One kids YouTube channel you will have heard of is Ryan ToysReview. It’s upward thrust to the very most sensible of the platform in just a couple of years has garnered a ton of media consideration. But even supposing you’re conscious of the channel, you will not be conversant in what a behemoth it’s develop into.

Ryan ToysReview is the third most-watched YouTube channel, in step with Social Blade, a social media information tracker. It sits at the back of two different channels, T-Series, a channel run by way of a large Bollywood leisure corporate in India and the WWE, the publicly traded professional wrestling company. Ryan ToysReview, a kids-geared channel that includes a 6-year-old enjoying with toys at the side of his mother and dad, has with reference to 25 billion all-time video views.

With the upward push of kids content material on the YouTube platform, million-dollar gross sales like that of Little Baby Bum have a excellent shot at changing into extra not unusual.

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