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‘Animal Crossing’ fans used elaborate rituals to summon a new game

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It’s been years for the reason that remaining Animal Crossing game. Some fans were given so determined that they began appearing elaborate rituals to summon a new one — and possibly it labored?

Nintendo and announced a new entry within the collection for the Switch the day gone by right through a Nintendo Direct. Sure, the corporate possibly had this announcement deliberate approach upfront, however what if different supernatural components had been at play? A snappy look via Twitter finds that many fans had organized their Animal Crossing games, instances, Amiibos, and playing cards into pentagrams in hopes of materializing a new game.

It is also bizarre, however you’ve got to admit one of the patterns are slightly spectacular.

Seeing pictures of cute cartoony animals organized in an occult image is definitely one thing out of a Courage the Cowardly Dog episode, and I’m right here for it. Regardless, you’ll’t hate at the determination of those stans.

And hello! It paid off finally as a result of they were given their new game — even supposing it wasn’t technically the paintings of the spirits. Perhaps there’s some type of secret those Animal Crossing witches are hiding that we do not learn about.

Excuse me whilst I organize my Pokémon plushies into a pentagram to increase my chances of catching a shiny. 

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